Five Stars!

Arykah is amazing. Very personable, honest & knowledgeable . I had so many questions and she was able to help me with patience! I would definitely recommend her as one of the top employment attorneys!
Posted on Facebook by Christine

The Ultimate Professional

Arykah Trabosh is the ultimate professional in the Employment Law Arena...when you are going up against a more powerful entity it takes relentless excellence in order to enforce your rights...I recommend Arykah Trabosh to handle any case.
Posted on Facebook by Vincent.

Great Attention to Detail

Arykah is an awesome employment attorney. I consulted with a couple of other attorneys about a case a few years ago prior to speaking to Arykah. Their lackluster preparation pitches and low levels of enthusiasm were evident. As a last ditch effort I posted for advice on a local legal advice site. Arykah called me right away and was extremely detailed and knowledgeable about employment law. She made some time that afternoon for a free in-person consultation at her Cherry Hill office. I was surprised by her motivation and knowledge including cases similar to mine that we used in our preparation. The top reason you should choose Arykah is her work ethic. She really does care about her clients and she spent a lot of time working on our case and called me a few times during the prep to clarify a point here and there. Great attention to detail. We achieved a very positive result as the case was handled outside of court which is really what I was looking for because I preferred to not have the issue drag on in court if I could help it. I really feel this was only possible because of her extremely well done preparation on my behalf. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend her to anyone who has an employment law issue. I have met/known many attorneys in my life and her motivation and extreme attention to detail was at the top of the list. She just plain cares about the client.
Posted on Facebook by Justin

Very Positive Experience

I reached out to Ms. Arykah Trabosh directly as a result of all the positive reviews I've read on here, specifically recommending her based on her professionalism and ethical approach. My experience has also been extremely positive through the consultation process, after which I chose to move forward with Ms. Trabosh and her firm. I can see the reason Ms. Trabosh has so many positive reviews, and I can only imagine there will be more to to comevfollowing mine. Her grounded and direct approach is a breath of fresh air.
Posted on by an anonymous employment client.