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Federal, state, and local laws forbid employers from discriminating on the basis of an employee’s membership in a protected class, such as race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age. New Jersey has its own anti-discrimination statute, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“NJLAD”).

Under the NJLAD, it is unlawful for an employer to take adverse action against an employee due to their membership in a protected class. It is also unlawful for a business to refuse to contract with an independent contractor because the individual belongs to a protected class. The NJLAD also protects those individuals who are not members of a protected class but are treated as such due to their association with members of that class or the employer’s mistaken perception that the individual belongs to the protected class.

Discrimination is unlawful. If you have suffered discrimination due to your membership to any of the below classes, your rights have been violated:

employment discrimination lawyer
  • Gender
  • Ancestry
  • Domestic Partnership Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Member of the Armed Forces
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Nationality

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