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Questions to Ask an Employment Lawyer

When looking to hire an employment lawyer, it can be challenging to know which one is the right one for you. Fortunately, many lawyers offer a free initial consultation. During your consultation with a lawyer, try to  make use of every available minute. Use that initial meeting with a lawyer to ask them questions that…
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Age Discrimination

Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Unfortunately, even with strict laws in place, age discrimination is still quite common in the workplace. Anyone can face age ...
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Is Being Asked on a Date by a Coworker Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is illegal. That is why people who engage in sexual harassment can face harsh consequences. Today, more and ...
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workplace discrimination

The Effects of Workplace Discrimination on Employees

The Equal Pay Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act ...
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disability discrimination

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination takes many forms. For example, a worker or job seeker could be discriminated against because of their color, ...
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unlawful termination

How to Prove Unlawful Termination

Proving Unlawful Termination When an employee is unlawfully terminated, it means they are discharged for an illegal reason. In New ...
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witness to discrimination

Retaliation for being called as a witness is unlawful

What is My Legal Protection if I Refuse to Lie About a Co-worker’s Discrimination Claim? An individual who has been ...
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Retaliation for Getting Injured on the Job

Can an Employer Fire You for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim? In New Jersey, if an employee gets injured on ...
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Religious Discrimination on the Job

What is Religious Discrimination? If you are being treated differently or hostilely at your workplace because of your religion, you ...
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What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination involves treating a woman (an employee or applicant) unfavorably because of; Pregnancy;Childbirth; orA medical issue related to childbirth ...
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Consultation With an Employment Attorney

You should consult with an employment attorney if you have been a victim of workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, or ...
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Employment Cases and Punitive Damages

Can You Get an Award of Punitive Damages in a New Jersey Employment Case? If you file an employment lawsuit ...
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Protections Broadened for Older Employees

New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Broadened to Include Older Employees In early October 2021, the governor of New Jersey, Phil ...
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