New Jersey Employment Attorney

It is important to understand your rights as an employee in New Jersey. While New Jersey is an at-will state, there exists State and Federal legislation to protect you from discriminatory treatment, unfair labor practices, unsafe work conditions, retaliation, and more. If you believe that you have been subjected to an unlawful employment action you need to contact an experienced New Jersey employment attorney.

Do not trust that your supervisor or the employer’s human resource department is knowledgeable regarding your rights as a New Jersey employee. Be aware that many large companies use a centralized, out of state, human resource department, and often times these departments are unfamiliar with the protections afforded New Jersey employees. For instance, New Jersey’s anti-discrimination statute, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“NJLAD”), is one of the strongest anti-discrimination laws in the country and often times offers more protections than its federal counterparts. Further, New Jersey has also implemented a very comprehensive whistleblower statute, the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“CEPA”), which protects individuals who report illegal conduct by an employer or co-worker..

Do not make a decision regarding your potential employment law claim without knowledgeable legal advice. Ms. Trabosh provides potential clients with an honest and accurate assessment of their legal matter in a free initial consultation. She will explain how the law applies to your situation and whether you have a valid claim so you can decide how to move forward.  

Below is a listing of the types of employment matters Ms. Trabosh handles.